George’s Top Ten

KingKeltner ReportThese are the ten best systems as of March 2013 – listed in random manner. Check out for a more detailed list.

1.) Dollar Trader
2.) Catscan IV
3.) Aberration Strategies
4.) Pegasus
5.) Andromeda
6.) Trendweaver
7.) HiProb
8.) Trend Harmony
9.) Super Turtle
10.) Ruggiero Bond


A Simple FSM Diagram
A Simple FSM Diagram

6 thoughts on “George’s Top Ten”

  1. Dear Mr. Pruitt,
    I purchased your book, “Building Winning Trading Systems with TS”. It’s a great book; thank you for writing it! I have not installed the included CD-ROM yet.

    At this point, I only trade stocks on TradeStation. It looks like your Super Combo Day Trading Strategy might work with stocks as well as your recommendation of using it for trading Stock Market Indices. Do you think it will work with stocks as well? If not, or if there is a better strategy in the book for stock trading, can you please let me know?

    Thank you!
    Lance Wells

    1. Hi Lance,

      Just now getting your inquiry. Let me think about it and get back to you with a better suggestion. In my experience volatile stocks and the stock indices based ETFs are good for day trading. Systems similar to SuperCombo may work. Systems using open range break outs have proven to be successful.

      I will get back to you soon.


  2. Hi George, Can you please tell me what are the most consistent long term systems in

    1. Bonds
    2. Commodities
    3. Currencies

    Thanks very much. Jack.

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