Murray Ruggiero

Goodbye my old friend!

I first spoke to Murray in 1989 when he worked with Promise Land Technologies – an AI company that improved trading signals and I worked at Futures Truth.  He went from there to form his own companies and become an editor of Futures Magazine.  He developed one of the best back testing platforms available today – TraderStudio.  His dream was to compete with TradeStation and in his last days he saw a beta version of his software – 64 bit – and real time that could run his concepts of a trading session and a trading plan.  The session was simply a singular algorithm whereas the plan was an overlay that could manage multiple sessions and utilize complex money management schemes.  All this while collecting real time minute data.  So congratulations my friend – you damn well did it!


Murray co-developed this phenomena that caught the attention of almost all Futures Brokers in the late 90s and early 00s.  When this system waded into the market you could see the wave it created.  It became over traded but boy did it have a run.

Intermarket Convergence/Divergence

This concept did not catch on until Murray started focusing on it.  He turned it into an art form and most of his focus was spent on uncovering the relationships between different markets and different derivatives.  I can say that he become the leading expert in this field.

Futures Magazine

If you can get your hands on his collection of articles, I would definitely advise doing so.  He touched on so many topics and explained them thoroughly.  Futures was fortunate to have him onboard.


He was always talking about his family and how much he cared for them.  Murray was a workaholic – no doubt, but he was always there whenever they needed him.


I can’t list them all.  He knew everybody.  All the legends and all of them recognized him for his intelligence and innate market sense.


Murray will be missed for being a good man – in every possible way.  That is truly the best compliment I can pay his memory.   His ideas will live on for sure, but we will all miss out on the great ideas he was yet to dream up.

Murray – thank you!