Download Link From John Wiley for BWSwTS 2nd Ed. Source Code

I have had a few emails stating the link in the book wasn’t working correctly so here is the one I use and it seems to work fine. Please let me know if you have any problems. The password is in the back of the book.

One thought on “Download Link From John Wiley for BWSwTS 2nd Ed. Source Code”

  1. The link for the code does not work. It produces gibberish.
    I try to type in the code from the book, i dont mind so much, but in several cases it is not clear what type module I should be typing it in. If I select strategy then it wants to know what type of order it is …. ie ‘buy next bar at market’. So this is confusing in light of your code examples that have both buy and sell instructions in the same module. For example, on p 73 is presented the ADX MA strategy and nowhere does it say which type code window to open. How do I reconcile the fact that existing startegies appear as discreet entry and exit signals, and what you present are combining long and short and exits and entries. I am spinning in the mud here and a bit frustrated about it. also ‘Wiley sucks’ , its not just your book, otheres have the same problem. Isnt there some other way to get the code????

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