Easing Into EasyLanguage – A New Series of Books

Easing Into EasyLanguage – A New Series

The Foundation Edition

Hello to all EasyLanguage users!  I have started a new series of books to help teach EasyLanguage. Here is the first book in the series – The Foundation Edition.  You can find it here at Amazon.com – http://www.amzn.com/B09C2LSQ5P

You will need the password to download the ELD and workspaces.

The password is the last name of the person that is credited with quote in the chapter labeled EasyLanguage – What Is It?

Who said, “An algorithm must be seen to be believed.”  Use his last name and remember the first letter must be capitalized.

Download here –  Supplemental Material for The Foundation Edition.

This book is for beginners and for those you want to freshen up on their programming skills.  The book includes 13 tutorials starting from the very basics of setting up a comfortable programming environment with the TDE and spans Strategies, ShowMes, PaintBars, and Functions.  Pattern recognition is introduced as well as using Finite State Machines to help accomplish multiple step Analysis techniques.  As a huge bonus there are over 4 hours of video instruction – one video per tutorial.  All source code is downloadable via this site, as well as the workspaces.  The series will progress from The Foundation Edition to more complicated programming ideas and data structures.  The book will work with any platform that supports EasyLanguage, including MultiCharts.

Hurry and get your  copy today!  Once you buy the book go the  page above  and download the ELD and workspaces.

The HI-Res Edition

This is the second book in the series.  With this book we have stepped on the accelarator in terms of complexity.  Trading and Programming on intraday bars shifts to a whole new paradigm.  In this book, I try to keep things as simple as possible but as you grow as a programmer so do the challenges.   This book shows how to accurately measure the ebb and flow of the intraday market movement to determine accurate entry prices.  Taking a daily bar system and throwing it against a five minute bar will not work as-is.  Has your analysis been hindered by only programming systems where you don’t need to know what happens first in the trading day?  Do you want to test a strategy that uses daily data to determine entry levels, but need to know if your long or short entry was entered first and if your position was stopped out before it took a profit or just the opposite.  Strategies that can enter long AND short and/or uses tight stops and profit objectives require you to step through each bar of the trading day and make the RIGHT decisions.  Can you rely on TradeStation’s LOOK INSIDE BAR capability 100%?  The answer is no – especially if you are thinking about automation.  Get your copy today and learn from ten tutorials and over 5 hours  of video instruction.

Learn how to day trade using volatility, the enigmatic Camarilla indicator, and complicated pattern recognition.

Here is the download webpage.  Remember you will need the password which is divulged in the Introductio to the Hi-Res Edition.


Backtesting with [Trade Station,Python,AmiBroker, Excel]. Intended for informational and educational purposes only!


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